Terms and Agreements

The purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

SND will take the first five (5) business days for the creation of social networks and fifteen (15) days for the website, this also taking into account that the client provides photographs and data of their company, accesses and passwords, as well as of give approval to start the activation processes of the system that our services offer. The creation of the website will last fifteen (15) business days from the moment we received the information.


Any service entrusted to SND will have the Client as the unique owner of the contract from the moment of delivery.

The Client must respect the intellectual property and copyright of the resources received from third parties.

SND informs you that in the event of cancellation of the contracted plan, you must notified 30 days in advance to our staff because we project all the marketing work, advertising, publications, videos 30 days before.

Once the service is finished, the Client will be responsible for complying with all regulations and laws regarding the use of privacy, internet and advertising, or any factor that may damage the image of SND due to improper use of the products / services purchased.


Access to the website or its use does not imply a collection of personal user data by SND. However, in the event that SND requests personal data, the user will be duly informed. All data, file, and general information that you provide us, will be kept under the protection of confidentiality.

Within the framework of the provision of the services offered by the entity and subject to the purposes consented by you, SND will only process the data strictly necessary for the correct management of the contractual relationship and / or provision of services, and it will be exclusively those that you have provided us.

Your data will not be communicated to any third party, except for current legal obligations. In any case that this possibility changes, you will be duly informed requesting your consent for said assignment. We inform you that international transfers will not be made either.

SND will make every effort to guarantee the security and robustness of the services offered, but is not responsible for the misuse of the information that the client may make. Hacking is a serious crime and any company can be a victim of it.

SND will create and store backup copies of the work until its delivery but will not be responsible for any loss of data or configuration caused by the manipulation of the Client in the future.

If the products purchased are hosted on, hosting or servers owned by SND, the Client would have covered any type of problem that may arise.


SND will design and build its social networks according to the previous specifications of the Client, which will establish a contract subject to these Terms and Conditions. The accounts and profiles created: They are and will be the property of the client and will be transfer to you or to a third party upon you request once they are completed.

Unless otherwise specified by the Client, the method of delivery of the finished works will be made by providing their user accounts and passwords privately and transferring the administrator permissions from the SND Community Manager personal account. .

Unless otherwise specified in the Client’s request, this agreement assumes that all informative texts will be provided by the Client in electronic format (via email or via FTP), as well as photographs and other graphic documents that they want. Stand out, with adequate quality and in JPG, PNG or TIFF format.

The client must send the complete work orders; NOT divided in writing via e-mail, as appropriate to your priorities and interests, in the same way they will be attend in the same order in which they arrived.

The invoice will be send at the end of each month, and you will pay it in cash, by direct payment through our website

www.socialnetworkdevelopment.net            y         www.crcreatives.com.

As it is creative work, all projects are different and require personalized dedication. SND will schedule the phases of the work depending on the complexity of the service.

Each type of service will have variable delivery times depending on the needs and / or requirements of the project to be developed, but you can always find them in the initial budget drawn up before accepting it.


The monthly maintenance package covers the necessary changes of texts, promotions, image, profile or photos (As contracted), so that the client keeps their networks updated.

The Community Manager services does not include the creation of APPS or the budget for the paid advertising campaign, but the connection between the social networks that have the option available.

The images provided by the client will be digitally retouched to improve its quality; there will be some cases that this digital retouching has an additional cost.

SND is committed to delivering a monthly statistics report. Either by email or by the system provided for it.


SND will design and build the web page according to the previous specifications of the Client, which will establish a contract subject to these Terms and Conditions.

If the Client has her website hosted on a different server or hosting from SND, she must provide the access data in her user panel and FTP. Unless request are specified by the Client, the method of delivery of the finished works will be done by uploading it to its web hosting server.

In case of hosting the website on the client’s server: Under the Client’s consent, SND will install, manipulate and deliver the work through said server, finally providing the administration and webmaster access data.

In case of hosting the website on our server: Payment must be made in advance for one year. The client will own the domain in case you need to carry out the appropriate procedures, and the hosting of your website will be done on our high-capacity server, with IP and data center in the United States of America. The website will have a link (backlink) at the bottom of the website with the copyright of SND.

SND reserves the copyright in the design of the web domain and will place in the footer of creation of it.


Unless previously agreement and otherwise specified in the Client’s request, this Terms assumes that all texts will be provided by the Client in electronic format (via email or via FTP), as well as photographs and other documents. Graphics with adequate quality and in JPG, PNG or TIFF format.

Additional expenses, such as image search, photo retouching or montages, may be incurred and will be billed accordingly to the work, but the intellectual property of said image will remain with the Client.


SND will review, deliver and publish the Client’s website on the date agreed by both parties, unless there is a delay caused or specifically requested by the Client, or due to factors beyond our ability, such as illness or accidents involving to the person responsible for developing that part of the project in question.

The Client may add or remove elements and pages at any time during the construction process and, if applicable, will bear the additional charges. These changes will be reflected in the final charge.

SND will offer the Client the opportunity to review the appearance and content of the website in a test image before continuing with the rest of the pages and categories. If changes are requested at this point, SND will modify the pages of said version to the extent that such changes are within the scope of the Client’s order.

Once the project is finished and the changes requested by the client have been made, the website will be visible online. From this moment the project is considered delivered and the client will have a period of 7 days for possible changes and modifications, once it is concluded, any change or modification will entail an additional cost depending on the hours required or the type of work To be made.


Following changes to the main pages, the final pages will be provided by the Client and the model will be applied to the rest of the final pages, unless the Client makes any last minute changes.

In such case, both parties must negotiate in good faith the additional work, which may be considered an increase in the initial request of payment.


SND undertakes to provide the Services in accordance with the terms established in the budget and to make every effort to guarantee the provision of the Services without interruption. SND will try by all means to provide the Client with the Services on the agreed date, but will not be responsible for circumstances or events that are beyond its control, such as the delay, interruption or malfunction of the Services. Attributable to third party operators or service companies, lack of access to third party networks, acts or omissions of Public Authorities or acts of God or force majeure.

If for any reasons unrelated to SND, as a bad configuration of the Hosting or server, lack of capacity, malicious software conflicts, lack of data in the accesses to the different customer products or problems with your service provider when carrying out any procedure, which result in a failure of possibility of delivery of the budgeted services, SND reserves the right to cancel the contractual situation by reimbursing the amount previously paid by the client (with the exception of the hours dedicated to the work performed and delivered) so that another company can manage said service. Including the transfer of the domain, databases, templates and other files used.

SND is not responsible for images or information sent by the client that cause inconveniences with copyright.

SND manages the social networks, domain and hosting which belongs to the subscriber for one year paid to third parties; The process of creation, design, SEO, marketing and publication belongs to the effort and work of the SND team, which is in the payment for the service provided by the client.


When a debt is generated for the service provided, the automated system will block the accesses and service of each of them, it will be reactivated and in operation at the time of the total payment of said debt.

We extend the debt for 30 days, but when said debt is not received the system will suspend the service to networks and web domain.


SND works under an established customer service schedule, which includes Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Eastern USA time.

SND has an extended work schedule 7 days a week, 365 days a year, only for publication and attention of the client’s social networks.

SND will create a group through the app (WhatsApp and / or Telegram) where communication with the client will be exclusively maintained to obtain opinions, suggestions and complaints.

When acquiring any of our plans, the client must be attentive in everything related to the service they receive. Any complaint or claim direct it to the collection department through this email [email protected].


SND informs our clients that in the case of cancellation of the contracted plan, they must notify 30 days in advance through the email [email protected], because our staff projects before all the work of marketing, advertising, publications, videos among others.

When you cancel your service at SND (for voluntary or involuntary reasons), all of your personally identifiable information is stored with a “deactivated” status in the corresponding SND databases. However, deactivation of your account does not mean that your personally identifiable information has been completely removed from our database. We will store and use your personally identifiable information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations.


SND reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without prior notice, as long as it qualifies the previous conditions, updates the laws or favors the commercial relationship.

The Client will understand the right to make these changes and that it is responsible for regularly reviewing these terms to avoid misunderstandings.

Continued access or use of the services provided by SND after any change will constitute your consent to such change unless expressly stated otherwise in advance.

SND is under the laws and statutes of the state of Florida, USA.

If you have any questions or suggestions in reference to any of the previous terms, we will be more than happy to assist you from the contact section.